Modern slavery is a heinous crime and a morally reprehensible act that deprives a person’s liberty and dignity for another person’s gain. It is a real problem for millions of people around the world, including many in developed countries, who are being kept and exploited in various forms of slavery. Every company is at risk of being involved in this crime through its own operations and its supply chain. At UK Eco Electrostatic Ltd, we have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and are fully committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our operation and supply chain. We have taken concrete steps to tackle modern slavery, as outlined in our statement. This statement sets out the actions that we have taken to understand all potential modern slavery risks related to our business and to implement steps to prevent slavery and human trafficking during the financial year 2020.
As a reputable organization, UK Eco Electrostatic Ltd wishes to play a part in stamping this practice out, and, to that end, we have safeguards in place to ensure no person can be employed by us under such circumstances. These safeguards are described below.

Direct Employees
All UK UK Eco Electrostatic Ltd employees are required to supply referees, proof of address, bank account verification, and entitlement to work in the UK.
Part of the proof of identity is the production of a current passport/ work permit. This document would normally be withheld by traffickers so its availability at interview would reassure us of the person’s freedom.

All managers and supervisors receive training to ensure that the documentation provided to verify a person’s identification is authentic and not a forgery or stolen identification from a similar-looking individual.

All sub-contractors must be reputable and holders of BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation. We judge that a company with this certification is highly unlikely to behave in a nature that would condone slavery or human trafficking.

The purchase of quality critical supplies and services may only be made through approved suppliers who have been verified and appointed to our Approved Suppliers List.
Part of the verification process includes the completion of a statement to the effect that the supplier has robust employment measures in place and only sources their materials from known parties.

Modern Slavery Statement
UK Eco Electrostatic Ltd is committed to combatting slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chains, and we make this statement to assist with compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
We agree that exploitation within all supply chains ending in the UK is a blight on our society, and we are committed to playing our part in eliminating exploitation;
We understand that customers with obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 cannot comply with those duties without our cooperation.
To that end, we confirm that we have examined our own business and, to the extent that it is reasonably practicable, businesses within our supply chain and we confirm the following:
We confirm that within our own business, no relevant offence relating to slavery or human tracking has been committed.
We have made enquiries of businesses that supply directly to us and we are confident that no relevant offence is committed in that business.
Insofar as it was reasonably practicable, we have examined our supply chains and confirm that we found no evidence of slavery or human trafficking.
Further details about our business and supply chain are provided below:
Our business structure is as follows:
UK ECO ELECTROSTATIC LTD – Head Quarters: Unit 1B Layhams Farm, Keston, BR2 6AR, Kent, UK
Registered in England & Wales – Company Registration number: 12604663
Our brand operates in the following country: United Kingdom

Supplier due diligence
UK Eco Electrostatic Ltd conducts due diligence on all new suppliers during on-boarding and on existing suppliers at regular intervals. This includes:
• Assessing risks in the provision of particular services
• Auditing the suppliers, and their health and safety standards, labor relations, and employee
• Requiring improvements to substandard employment practices
• Sanctioning suppliers that fail to improve their performance in line with our requirements
We require all suppliers to attest that:
• They don’t use any form of forced, compulsory or slave labour
• Their employees work voluntarily and are entitled to leave work
• They provide each employee with an employment contract that contains a reasonable notice
period for terminating their employment
• They don’t require employees to post a deposit/bond and don’t withhold their salaries for
any reasons
• They don’t require employees to surrender their passports or work permits as a condition of

UK Eco Electrostatic Ltd has raised awareness of modern slavery issues by putting up posters across our facilities and sending an email that is focused specifically on modern slavery to all our staff, which explains:
• Our commitment in the fight against modern slavery
• Red flags for potential cases of slavery or human trafficking

• How employees should report suspicions of modern slavery
The people in our business responsible for assessing matters relating to slavery and human trafficking are Ivan Hayes – Scott or Parvez Unmar.
We also encourage all employees to report on any matters relating to slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains of which they become aware.

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